The technology utilized in this filter was originally developed for NASA and the unique design makes this filter one of the most advanced products commercially available.

The DWETS water filtration technology contains pleated non-woven fabric made of several compounds where electroadsorption and ion exchange is utilized. Due to the unique crystal structure of pseudoboehmite a positive electro kinetic potential is created, and this attracts and binds impurities. This potential radiates to 1 um distance, so it covers the pore volume throughout the entire cross-section.

High quality activated carbon utilized carbon increases cartridge performance. Carbon has high surface area to mass ratio providing extremely rapid kinetic reactions. It is an excellent functional adsorbent material due to its high porosity and large surface area.

The cartridge becomes an impenetrable barrier for waterborne microbes. Bacteria are held inside the cartridge and cannot get through due to the porous structure and electro kinetic potential of it.The addition of silver-impregnated zeolite makes this cartridge bacteriostatic and prevents the growth of bacteria.